Plastic Folding Bins

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The Contrak Plastic Folding Bin is 1162mm x 1162mm x 780mm folding down to 280mm, a 2.8 folding ratio.

The Contrak Folding Bin is manufactured in vented and non-vented format. The vented bin is produced specifically for the storage and transportation of produce and fruit which allows considerable air flow throughout the product to maintain temperature and freshness.

The bin’s carrying capacity is 500kg and is 2-way entry with two drop down gates on opposing sides, which are a substantial OH&S advantage.The Contrak Folding Bin has an internal space, located inside the bearer foot, for an RFID tag which is fully protected, with a tag size of up to 200mm.

The bin has allocated label holder space on each gate and on each side of the pillar 200 x 70mm. Bin volume capacity is 750 litres.

The Contrak Folding Bin has racking locating recess of 10mm deep, twice on each side of the bearer.

Bins purchased, Contrak can print your logo and your company colours on the hinges and clips, enhancing your company image.

Folding bin options

  • Lid
  • Company Logo and Company colours on hinges and clips (Company colours on a minimum purchase)

Folding Bin Lid

The Contrak Folding Bin is available with a unique detachable lid that clips into place securely. Bins are able to be stacked on top of each other with the lids attached.


  • Standard Australian Footprint
  • Front and rear gates
  • Internal rounded air vents
  • Free air flowing vented base for quick chilling
  • 2-way entryRacking locators
  • Drain holesFood grade quality
  • UV stabilized
  • 4 label holders
  • Company logo printed
  • Dust cover lid available
  • Vented and non-vented models
  • 3:1 Fold down ratio

Product Code

  • CFB-V (vented)
  • CFB-NV (non vented)

Product images

Plastic Folding Bins

Plastic folding bin with stock
bin with carrots
bin with lettuce
bin with onions
9 bins for transport
full bin range
no gates Vgates
vented  lid non vented
Loading 2
Mai Wiru4
Standing and folded plastic folding bin
Plastic folding bin with boxes
Plastic folding bin with stock
Plastic folding bin with stock
Stacked plastic bins

Plastic folding bin with stockbin with carrotsbin with lettucebin with onions9 bins for transportfull bin rangeno gates Vgatesvented  lid non ventedIMG_0975IMG_1048Loading 2Mai Wiru4Standing and folded plastic folding binPlastic folding bin with boxesPlastic folding bin with stockPlastic folding bin with stockStacked plastic bins


Dimensions: External: 1162mm x 1162mm x 780mm high
Internal: 1090mm x 1080mm x 635mm high
47kg vented
Volume capacity: 750 L
Access drop gates: Each unit has two access drop gates (860mm wide x 300mm high)
Fork access height: 95mm x 862mm
Stacking recess: 13mm
Suitable for temperature: -20 to +40
Friction pads: On bearers(5 per side) and pads also on base (3 per side)
2-way entry: yes
Load carrying: Capacity: 500kg
Static: 3000kg
Dynamic: 1000kg
Racking locator recess: 10mm deep (twice on each side)
Total bearer length is 1162mm made up of 2 x 22 mm long x 10mm deep racking locator recesses and both are located 158mm from each end
Label locators: Four x corrugated label locators with one on each side of the drop gates
Logo inserts: 3 x logo inserts on the front and back of the base gate sides
Drain holes: Located in the middle of the floor base
Bin is RFID enabled: With tag size of up to 200mm able to be placed inside of the bearer foot
Bin cover/lid: Optional
Vented or unvented: Bin can be supplied in vented or unvented form with vents being 10mm wide x 40mm high
Label holders: 2 x label holders on each gate being 200mm x 70mm