2/3 Plastic Pallet

Contrak high quality 2-3rds-pallets and materials handling equipment

Standard PA door access

The Contrak Australian Standard 2/3 Plastic Pallet is 1165 x 775 x 150mm

The Contrak 2/3rds Plastic Pallet is designed to reduce product damage and add efficiency to your supply chain.

Our Pallet’s has a static load of 10 tonne, and dynamic load of 1 tonne, making it versatile and durable due to its injection moulded manufacturing process.

Minimal maintenance required

Impact resistant

Resistant to bacteria


• Standard Grey or custom colours


• High impact Resistant Construction
• Patented insert technology
• Slip Resistant Rubber Grommets
• Suitable for use in Temperature Extremes
• 2/3rds, Australian Pallet size
• Registered Design


Type:4 way entry – Heavy Duty 2/3rds Australian footprint
Size:1165 x 775 x 150mm
Raw material:Polypropylene co-polymer
Manufacture:Injection moulded
SWL:Dynamic: 1000kg
Static: 10000KG
Rack-ability:Selective beam racking: 1000kg
Drive in racking: 900kg
Chemical Resistance:Very High chemical resistance to acids and alkaline

Product Code

• PP2/3

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