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Our local & global fabrication systems are focused on the concept of a reusable supply chain packaging – reuse, return, refill.

We do this whilst providing you with high quality plastic (HDPE), steel or aluminium material handling equipment of Australian standard size, with the ability to customise to your specification.

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Plastic Folding Bin

The Contrak Plastic Folding Bin is 1162mm x 1162mm x 780mm folding down to 280mm, a 2.8 folding ratio.

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Contrak high quality plastic half bin and materials handling equipment

Plastic Folding Half Bin

The Contrak Plastic Half-Folding Bin is 1162mm x 1162mm x 560mm folding down to 280mm, a 2:1 folding ratio.

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Contrak high quality bin lids and materials handling equipment

Bin Lids

The Bin Lid size is 1178mm x 1178mm and is manufactured to assist in locating the base when inter-stacking other bins.

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