Combo IBCs

Contrak high quality Bulk Liquid containers and materials handling equipment

Plastic IBC range.

Contrak’s Combo IBCs or Bulk & Liquid Containers are designed to store and transport liquids including juices, water, concentrates and non-hazardous chemicals.

The well known ‘bag in box’ concept is and used globally and is reusable and recyclable.

The Bag-in-Box concept minimises the use of packaging materials compared to single trip systems

Reduces the packaging cost per trip compared to all other systems

Simplify the handling compared to most systems – especially regarding return freight and cleaning

Improve safety and hygiene; especially during emptying where no oxygen contaminates the product


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Liquid container Features

• Lid locks in place
• 1400kg unit load
• 1060L Volume
• 4000kg stack load
• 100% smooth internal walls
• Compatible with automated handling
• One man operation to fold
• Bug and dirt proof
• Transport 5 high when folded
• Functional temperature -20 to +45 °C

Pallet Box Features

• External size 1200 x 1000 x1210mm
• Internal size 1140 x 940mm
• 500kg Individual Load Capacity
• 1100kg Max Dynamic Load
(on Bottom Container in a Stack)
• 1180 mm Incremental stack height
• 1098L Usable Volume
• Operational Temperature Range -20 °C – 40 °C

Product showcase

1000L Liquid Container

Dimensions:Including lid: 1155mm x 1155mm x 1132mm high
Folded: 1155mm x 1155mm x 467mm high
Excluding lid: 1145mm x 1145mm x 1110mm high
Internal: 1065mm x 1065mm x 940mm high
Stacked (unfolded): 2 high: 2247, 5 high: 5593
Tare weight:88.5kg
Fielded height 322.5mm
Folding ratio:72.8%

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Pallet Box Specifications

Dimensions:External: 1200mm x 1000mm x 1000mm high
Internal: 1140mm x 940mm x 815mm high
Fielded height 295mm
Unit load:750kg

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