Plastic Folding Half Bins

Contrak high quality plastic half bin and materials handling equipment

Vented and non-vented

The Contrak Plastic Half-Folding Bin is 1162mm x 1162mm x 560mm folding down to 280mm, a 2:1 folding ratio.

The Contrak Half-Folding Bin is manufactured in vented and non-vented format. The vented bin is produced specifically for the storage and transportation of produce and fruit which allows considerable air flow throughout the product to maintain temperature and freshness.

The Contrak Half Folding Bin volume capacity is 470 litres.

The Contrak Half Folding Bin has a free air flowing vented base for quick chilling

Bins purchased, Contrak can print your logo and your company colours on the hinges and clips, enhancing your company image.


• Company Logo on front & back of base on gates sides and Company colours on hinges and clips (Company colours on a minimum purchase)

• The Contrak Folding Bin is available with a lid. Bins are able to be stacked on top of each other with the lids attached.


• Standard Australian Footprint
• Internal rounded air vents
• Free air flowing vented base for quick chilling
• 2-way entry
• Racking locators
• Drain holes
• Food grade quality
• UV stabilised
• Company logo printed
• Dust cover lid available
• Vented and non-vented models
• 2:1 Fold down ratio
• Increase transport efficiency

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Dimensions:External: 1162mm x 1162mm x 560mm high
Internal: 1090mm x 1080mm x 400mm high
Folded: 1162mm x 1162mm x 280mm high
Stacking:8 high less than 35ºC, 20 high (folded)
Suitable:-20ºC to +40ºC

Product Code

• HFB-V (vented)
• HFB-NV (non vented)

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