Retail & Warehouse Display Bins

Contrak high quality Retail bins and materials handling equipment

Vented and non-vented

The versatile Contrak Retail / Warehouse Bin is 800mm x600mm x930mm.

The Contrak Retail / Warehouse Display Bin is ideal for Retail isle display and warehouse to retail outlet delivery, due to it’s collapsible sides and fixed or wheel based options, making mobility and ease of use a key feature.

The bin’s carrying capacity is 250lt and is 4-way entry with drop down gates on all sides, which is a substantial OH&S advantage.

Versatile fixed or wheel base options.

Easy to access contents with 4-sided fold down gates.

Collapsible, allowing you to save space when not is use.


•Vented or non-vented
• Collapsible Warehouse or Delivery containers
• With or without wheels
• With or without Lid


• 4 sided gate openings that fold down
• Bins fold down for storage and transport
• Label holder available
• Lids available
• Available with lockable castors
• Stackable

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Dimensions:Outer Size: LxWxH 80x60x93cm
Inner Size: 74x54x64cm
Volume:250 Ltr
Weight:20 kg

Product Code

• CRB (Standard)
• CRBW (Castors)

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